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The divorcing process has become a lot more complicated in recent years. In general, most parents work outside the home and they often travel great distances in any given day. Children's lives are also very busy with school and extracurricular activities. Add all of this to the stress and acrimony that often accompany divorce as well as the concerns about the current recession, there's a lot more to consider when getting divorced today. It's therefore not surprising that for many parents, their children's adjustment to divorce remains at the top of their list of concerns during the divorcing process.

For most people, getting divorced is their first and hopefully, only experience of this kind. As a result, few can reasonably anticipate what will happen during this often emotionally and financially challenging experience. For many, the focus of their divorce planning is on how to approach the separation and subsequent divorce. And while most parents have their children's best interests at heart, many do not have a clear understanding of what the divorcing process is like for them and/or what they may realistically expect in terms of how their children will handle this change in their lives.

CHILDREN'S ADJUSTMENT TO DIVORCE is a fully referenced report offering divorcing parents research based information on how divorce impacts children, what to expect and how to distinguish between "normal" adjustment and that which could be problematic. This well written report is a content rich presentation of the relevant research and writings of experts in the field of divorce, child development and custody related problems including parental alienation.

Additionally, if you find yourself part of the growing number of divorcing parents who is caught in the middle of a nasty custody battle, you will find the information contained in this report invaluable because it prepares divorcing parents to anticipate some of the negative fallout of the acrimony during divorce.

Dr. Reena Sommer, Ph.D., a Divorce & Custody Trial Consultant.

I produced this fully referenced report citing the most important research and theories on child development, family dynamics and divorce. This report thoroughly investigates the impact of divorce and custody battles on children. In addition to a general discussion on divorce, I have also detailed the problem of parental alienation syndrome, a condition that is not well known or understood by attorneys or judges. This report touches on all of the important issues relevant to your children's best interests and communicates them in a way that can be easily understood by anyone who reads it.

Covers the Following Topics:

  • Why divorces are so disruptive to families?

  • What is the "normal" course of adaptation to divorce for parents and children?

  • Why does continued conflict between parents have such a strong impact on children's behaviour, attitudes and self concept?

  • The differences in how boys and girls respond to their parents' conflict

  • The importance of children maintaining contact with both parents

  • The definition of parental alienation syndrome and symptoms found in children who are affected by it

  • The psychological profiles of parents who are most likely to alienate their children for the other parent

  • The most common criticisms and rebuttals regarding the validity of parental alienation syndrome

  • The impact of parental alienation syndrome on children's development, self esteem and future relationships

  • The remedies for parental alienation syndrome

Readers' Comments

Dear Dr. Sommer:

You have no idea how helpful your report on "Children's Adjustment to Divorce" has been for me. Attorneys and judges here just "don't get it". Before ordering your report, I felt I was operating in the dark. My attorney now has a basis for making arguments in court. Thanks so so much.

Pedukah, Kentucky

Hi Dr. Sommer,

I just wanted to say thank you...

Your report is right on for children (and adult children) who are estranged from their parent(s). The child really does need to see that their parent will do anything to keep in contact or meet them...and is willing to respect the child's boundaries. The child needs to have consistency of the parent's contact as well, as proof that the parent is going to "be there".


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