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Key Indicators of Extramarital Affairs

Dr. Reena Sommer

If you have been on the receiving end of cheating or infidelity, then you probably wished you could have seen the extramarital affair coming. And most likely, looking back, you know all too well that the indicators of extramarital affairs were present - except you just chose to overlook them.

If You Suspect that Your Spouse or Partner
May Be Cheating or Having an Affair...
Please Read On

If you are correct in your suspicions, it may be too late to save your relationship, but it will not be too late to save your self respect. Finding out that your spouse has been cheating, will also give you some control over the situation and the ability to make choices and decisions that could otherwise not be available to you. On the other hand, if your suspicions prove to be false, then now is the opportunity to take a hard look at your relationship and evaluate what needs to be done to improve it.

Signs of Infidelity

Generally, when people are having extramarital affairs, there will be noticeable and sudden changes in their behavior. These indicators of extramarital affairs can usually be seen in changes in people's:

routine - may change their work habits (i.e., start the day earlier or end later)
accessibility - turn their cell phone off, not available at work, does not respond to voicemail or email
attire and physical appearance - wears new and/or different style of clothing, changes hair style or scent, begins to work out and/or loses weight
interests - evidence of new and distinct interests (i.e., sports, alcoholic beverages, television shows, politics, business interests)
need for privacy - become more inward and secretive (i.e., take phone call in another room, begin to text message on cell phone, turn off computer screen when not alone, no longer share events of the day etc)
attitude - .changes in demeanor and way of interacting (i.e., becomes more distant, irritable, cold, noncommunicative etc.)

The above indicators provide a basic framework of what is often seen in people who are having extramarital affairs. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what often occurs among cheating spouses.

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