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We produce "relationship & divorce" information products in the form of e-Books and e-Courses. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of people struggling with relationships in crisis and the process of divorce. For that reason they appeal to the growing population of people seeking ways of coping with the challenges in their lives.

Our flagship product is the e-Book, "The Anatomy of An Affair" which has attracted considerable attention including from THE MONTEL SHOW on which Dr. Reena Sommer and the e-book were featured.


With 50% of all marriages ending in divorce and even more relationships affected by infidelity, our information products are very attractive to this large niche market. Because of this, our excellent information products basically sell themselves. We also offer our affiliates the following incentives that ensure their success:

50% commission on each sale
Our information products range in price from $37 to $97
Most of our information products include options for "back-end" sales which account for approximately 50% of all of our purchases
Last year, our refund rate was ONLY 3.12%
We offer prompt and efficient technical support - which is one reason why we have such low refund rates
We are extremely well positioned on the search engines. See for yourself. Google my name, "Reena Sommer", "divorce consultant", "divorce coaching", "parental alienation", "divorce consulting" and see what comes up.
We produce high quality information products - which is another reason why we have such low refund rates

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"The Divorce & Custody Resource Handbook" is an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions on more than twenty (20) products - available through ClickBank - by giving away a rebrandable ebook for free.

I've spent the last couple of months revising and updating "The Divorce & Custody Resource Handbook, an ebook that focuses on the issues that are "front and center" for people facing divorce. With one in every two marriages ending in divorce, you can imagine how appealing this ebook will be to this large and quickly expanding market.

As an affiliate, you can distribute this high quality ebook as a promotional or bonus product in a newsletter, in your blog or as bonus to your own products. You will soon be able to generate your own profits with your customized rebranded ebook that directs all commissions from product sales straight to you.

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