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Are you confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by a divorcing process you know little about? Do you want solid divorce information? If so, you're not alone because most people getting divorced are just like you - ill-prepared for the divorce process.

And guess what?... Because clients often fail to communicate their concerns to their attorneys, their anxieties and concerns go unrecognized. This can seriously limit an attorney's effectiveness resulting in serious consequences.

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I am Dr. Reena Sommer and I have spent the past 18 years working with divorcing families. I am very familiar with the challenges they face - the most important one being - not understanding what the divorcing process is all about.

Without a clear idea of what's ahead, it is next to impossible to formulate an effective strategy for an equitable settlement.

I developed my e-Course,"Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney" to help clear the fog around the divorcing process. I used my 18 years of experience working with divorcing families to identify their main concerns and address them one at a time.

Whether you are a "Veteran" of divorce wars...or a "Newbie" to the divorcing process...

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"In a recent survey of people going through divorce, the overwhelming majority (78.4%) of respondents indicated that a lack of understanding of the divorce process as being one of their TOP CONCERNS!"

If you are in the process of retaining a divorce attorney for the FIRST, SECOND or maybe even a THIRD time or just re-thinking your strategy....don't do anything with your divorce or custody case until you take my e-Course FIRST

...Read this very important information before you make any calls to divorce attorneys or make any decisions about your divorce or custody situation!!

My new e-Course..
"Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney"

is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone getting divorced or caught in the middle of a custody battle!

This e-Course should be completed BEFORE you make any decisions about retaining a divorce attorney, going to trial in divorce court, settling your divorce case or even dropping your divorce or custody dispute!

This e-Course will shed new light on the whole divorce process and give you new and valuable insights into the following issues:

  • getting 50% of all marital assets is unfortunately an ideal - and something that rarely happens in reality!

  • during a divorce or custody trial, a great deal of time is spent on arguing procedural and administrative issues like the admissibility of evidence or the wording or questions

  • settling your divorce could take two to three times longer than you first were led to believe


Much of what you will learn from my e-Course, "Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney" will be "Cold Harsh Realities" of life....

Nevertheless, this e-Course will provide you with the REALITY CHECK you need to make informed decisions about your future and those of your children following your divorce.

My e-Course,"Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney"will teach you important things like:

  • how to work along side with your divorce attorney?

  • how to develop a realistic "plan of action" and "timeline" for your divorce case?

  • what really goes on in the courtroom during a divorce hearing or divorce trial?

  • what becomes of all those divorce-related documents filed?

  • AND...how to cut through all the "posturing" that goes on between divorce attorneys which often results in escalating the conflict and
    S L O W I N G down your divorce case?


Why an e-Course?

Why This One??

"Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney" is a great alternative to Tele-seminars and e-Books!

Unlike like Tele-seminars that require you to be available at a certain time and date, my e-Course can be listened to at ANY TIME or ANY WHERE!

The best part is, you can replay it over and over again as many times as you wish.. If you miss something, just click "rewind" and play it back again. And like an e-book, you can download it onto your computer.

You can't do that with a TELE-SEMINAR!

You will also hear my voice in presenting this important information on the divorcing process and you will also have the opportunity to hear what others have to say on the subject of divorce, custody battles and working with divorce attorneys. You will be surprised at what others have to share and you will learn that you are not alone in your concerns!

You can't get this from an e-Book!

The best part is, in developing the concept for my e-Course..."Divorce 101:Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney"...

I relied on my 18 years of experience working with divorcing couples, their divorce attorneys and the divorce court system.

You will get the benefit of all that experience wrapped up into this e-course along with the invaluable contributions of others walking the same path you are!!


Divorce is Difficult Enough
at the Best of Times...

The divorce related information contained in "Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney" will help you "line up your ducks" properly...and help you answer the question, "Am I Doing Everything I Can to WIN This Case??

Getting a divorce is a challenge at the best of times. But when you are up against a spouse who is vendictive, angry and selfish and is interferring with your relationship with your children, you will have your work cut out for you!!

Managing a difficult divorce not only requires the best divorce representation and the best divorcestrategies, but YOU need to be in the "driver's seat"! It also requires that YOU NEED TO BE INFORMED!!

I GUARANTEE you that my e-Course,"Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney" will provide the insights and information that you will need to make informed decisions for yourself, your future and your children!

Now, you will have the divorce related information you need to arm yourself for one of life's greatest challenges.

With this e-Course, there will be...



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If you have been around the net long enough, you will know that e-Courses sell for as much as $79.99 or even as high as $99.99 PLUS!. Maybe you've spent that much already.

Now, you can download "Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney"right now for only $37 (along with some bonuses - keep reading below!). My e-Course is available to you as an audiofile IMMEDIATELY after your payment has been processed.

No waiting for mail shipments... it will be on your computer as quickly as you can download it.

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When you purchase "Divorce 101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From an Attorney" you will receive the following:

  • a copy of "Your Divorce, Your Attorney & You: Getting It Right From the Start" - a $19.99 value on its own

  • a copy of the expanded "Parenting Plan Template" - a $49.99 value when sold alone

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You will receive my e-course,"Divorce101: Things You Are Unlikely to Hear From An Attorney", PLUS the three bonuses listed above...

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