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According to Divorce Statistics...

Parents' ongoing divorce conflict can have a serious adverse affect on their children's emotional wellbeing, post divorce adjustment and future development.

Children of divorce do much better when their divorcing parents have a concrete parenting plan in place that spells out how each parent will provide for their children's needs following divorce and into the future.

Here are some of the negative consequences
found among children of divorce
who have been exposed
to their divorcing parents' conflict:

behavioral problems such as rebelliousness, fighting and lying
school failure
over-eating and even..
drug use!

Getting divorced doesn't always have to end up this way! Being a child of divorce does not always mean suffering these types of negative divorce outcomes!


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Here's a Way to Reduce
the Impact of Divorce on Your Child

& End Your Custody Battle in the Process!

Research on the outcomes of divorce clearly shows that a child's post divorce adjustment is DIRECTLY RELATED to the duration and intensity of their parents' divorce conflict. (Wallerstein & Blakesley, 1989)

Now what does that tell you as a divorcing parent who may be caught in a custody battle?

This means that as long divorcing parents keep on squabbling, their children will continue to experience stress and react to the tension and acrimony in the family during the divorcing process.

The solution to this divorce related problem depends on whether parents are willing to place the needs of their children ahead of their own hostility toward each other.

Your children don't deserve to be caught in the middle of your custody dispute. Here's a way to end your custody battle and protect your children's interests as well!

Children of divorcing parents deserve to have as little disruption to their lives as possible. They also deserve to be free from their parents' divorce related conflict.

Divorcing parents can make sure this happens by developing an EFFECTIVE PARENTING PLAN.

What is a

A PARENTING PLAN is a detailed document that identifies important short-term and long-term post divorce considerations about how they will co-parent their children.

A parenting plan is a carefully thought out post divorce arrangement that focuses on the NEEDS OF CHILDREN and also considers the respective concerns, values, attitudes and lifestyles of both parents after divorce.

This Incredible Tool
is For Divorcing Parents Who Are Serious
About Doing What is BEST For Their Children!!


Consider the Following
Post Divorce Related Issues
When Developing an Effective Parenting Plan:

your general parenting philosophy
your views on how to co-parent effectively (or conversely, why co-parenting cannot work in your divorcing situation)
attitudes toward education (schooling), religion, extracurricular activities
time sharing plan/residence
managing conflict
managing holidays, birthdays and other special events
contingency plans unexpected circumstances and life changing events (i.e., illness, moblity, remarriage etc)

What About High-Conflict
Custody Disputes?

Parents caught in high-conflict custody disputes are often frustrated by not being able to reach a divorce settlement while spending a pile of money trying to do it.

If you are a divorcing parent who finds themself caught in a never-ending custody dispute, having a WELL THOUGHT OUT, REASONABLE AND COHERANT PARENTING PLAN is the most effective weapon in your custody battle. And without a doubt, it will help move your custody case toward resolution!

A well developed parenting plan will not only CLEARLY demonstrate to your spouse, attorney, mediator, GAL and even a judge that you are committed and motivated to meet your children's post divorce needs, but that you also have a concrete workable plan to do so! Whether in divorce settlement negotiations or in divorce court, talk is cheap! What a divorcing parent really needs is a parenting plan that spells out what can be put into action following your divorce and into the future!!!

Did you know that family court judges who oversee divorces and custody cases are more likely to consider your position on custody when you back it up with a parenting plan that is reasonable, "do-able" and makes good sense?

What Can the
"Developing An Effective
Parenting Plan e-Course"

Do For You?

Dear Parent:

My name is Dr. Reena Sommer and I have spent the past 20 years working with divorcing families. During that time I have conducted over 200 custody evaluations and reports. I have seen my share of parents and children torn apart by prolonged and ugly custody battles.

One thing I can tell you for sure... in all the years I have worked with divorcing families, the one area that parents are most lacking is in their ability to develop a concrete plan for how their will raise their children following their divorce.

I developed the "Developing An Effective Parenting Plan e-Course" to help divorcing parents put together a solid, meaningful and realistic plan for how they will care for their children after their divorce.

To give parents added value and the "edge" they will need to settle their case, I created the two-part"Developing An Effective Parenting Plan e-Course" which includes not only the expanded "Parenting Plan Template", but step by step instructions on how create a parenting plan that will get your case settled once and for all.

With the "Developing An Effective Parenting Plan e-Course" you will receive the following:

2-one hour downloadable tele-seminar audio files detailing the various components of a parenting plan and a item by item review of an actual parenting plan being developed
the expanded parenting plan template
3 e-Reports providing vital information on getting the most out of your attorney, coping with children during divorce and identifying when your divorce is going sour

The "Developing An Effective Parenting Plan e-Course" removes the guess work about the communicate your ideas and concerns to your ex-spouse, the attorneys and even a judge. The template contains the essential elements that custody evaluators, GALs and judges look for. I know this because like I said, I have done many of them myself. I can tell you that a parenting plan following my carefully detailed format, will be impressive!

So What Can the
"Developing An Effective Parenting Plan e-Course"
Do For You?....

Create a parenting plan with the expanded "Parenting Plan Template" and I will GUARANTEE that you will get the judge's attention!!


This could be the most important document you will ever draft!!

My "Developing An Effective Parenting Plan e-Course" is
an Innovative Approach to Resolving Custody Disputes and Settling Your Divorce Case

When you purchase the

"Developing An Effective
Parenting Plan e-Course"

you will receive:

Part One of the e-Course - a 60 minute downloadable tele-seminar audio file describing the various components of a well constructed parenting plan and instruction on how to put your ideas on paper in a convincing way - a $49.97 value

Part Two of the e-Course - a 60 minute downloadable tele-seminar audio file critiquing an actual parenting plan - a $49.97 value

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Recognizing the Tremendous Financial Strain
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Thank you! I look forward to helping you create an effective plan to parent your children following your divorce!

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