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cope with the emotional fallout of divorce
adjust to the changes that accompany divorce
cope with an unreasonable and vendictive spouse
maintain your relationship with your children
develop strategies to head off and counter a costly legal battle
manage the stress of the legal side of divorce
prepare for a custody trial

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Divorce is a time when money is short and costs are high. Now is NOT the time to be shelling out more money on expensive divorce and family law lawyers or divorce consultants!

Find out how you can receive professional divorce counseling, divorce coaching and divorce consulting services by telephone for your divorce and custody battle at a FRACTION OF THE COST of "in-office" services.

Did you know that divorces are getting more expensive because the family law system encourages the stalling and legal maneuvering?

Yes, it's true. The average divorce now takes over a year to get settled. Some divorces involving custody disputes often go on for years. The fact of the matter is that most people going through the divorcing process are ill prepared for what's ahead. Unfortunately, many of them make serious strategic errors that actually prolongs the divorcing process and results in higher legal costs.

Did you also know that a disputed custody case could cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 plus?

This is also true. Once the judicial wheels start turning and divorce lawyers start filing motions, briefs and applications, the costs associated with your divorce and custody battle keep climbing. Much of this is because the current system is not effectively set up to deal with today's highly contested divorce and custody cases or people's upset that fuels them.

Getting divorced is stressful and expensive. It can take a toll on your health and your pocketbook.The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. By availing yourself of professional divorce counseling, divorce coaching and divorce consulting you will be much better equipped to deal with the challenges that divorce and custody battles present.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • you haven't seen your children in weeks, months or even longer because your ex is uncooperative and is blocking your access

  • you are trying to be reasonable but it isn't getting you anywhere - in fact, the more reasonable you are, the more unreasonable your ex becomes

  • you feel like your divorce attorney doesn't understand the depth of your concerns or isn't taking the approach that you feel you need

  • you keep going back to divorce court and still nothing has changed except your bank account is becoming more depleted

  • you are going to be going through a custody evaluation and you are worried about what to expect

If any of the above rings a bell with your divorce or custody battle, I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to read on.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way!

Get an effective divorce strategy going for less than the cost of 2.5 hours of divorce lawyers' fees!

With professional divorce advice and divorce coaching from Dr. Reena Sommer, an internationally recognized divorce consultant you will have the opportunity to get through your divorce or custody battle better equipped and with a solid plan of action - and at a fraction of the cost of family law and divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals.

You can now receive expert assistance in the following areas of high conflict divorce:

adjusting to change
coping with a long drawn out divorce process
planning for the future
coping with child custody battles including custody evaluations & parental alienation syndrome
family reunification
parenting options including joint custody, sole custody and long distance parenting
divorce and custody trial preparation

With the help of a divorce coach the divorce process can be made SHORTER, LESS STRESSFUL, MORE MANAGABLE and LOT CHEAPER!!!

Here's What Others
Have to Say About the

"Unlimited Flat Fee" Services

Dr. Sommer:

I couldn't have made it through this divorce without your help. You kept me grounded, focused and right on track. You kept me from throwing in the towel and your advice was so on the mark.

Jessie Mills
Downsview, Ontario

Dr. Sommer:

I really thought I had a hopeless case and only contacted you in a last ditch effort. I had no idea that things could have worked out as they have. After not seeing my daughter for almost a year, I now see her regularly and I am rebuidling a relationship with her. Thanks so much.

Jason Lloyd
Scranton, Pennsylvania

To whom it May Concern:

I am the father of a 12-year-old boy, who I had not any contact with since he was three and a half. I pursued re-establishing a relationship with him in June 2002. The process was slow, and at times difficult for various reasons. I acquired the services of different supervision agencies, however, they were not able to provide the necessary support.

In April 2003, I acquired the services of Dr. Reena Sommer.....My son and myself as well as my partner Rose, were able to build a relationship where we are all comfortable. We are happy to say that as of June 2003, our visits have been unsupervised, and we have enjoyed our time together a great deal.

M. H.
Winnipeg, Canada

Dear Dr. Sommer

I know you have been the main architect of saving my children's future. It could have been destroyed if it was not for your exceptionally correct analysis of the situation and outstanding subsequent help and support.

I thank you... from the bottom of my heart and am grateful to you and am glad to have met you during this very complex time in my family's life.

Winnipeg, Canada

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